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Connecting the Creative Industry

A more intelligent way to search for freelancers, discover collaborations and apply for jobs within your creative industry: local and global.


Demo Video

In a nutshell.

Think about what Spotify has done for your music collection over the last 10 years and how you access new and relevant music today. We aim to do the same but for your creative network.

- Playlists for your favourite contacts, weekly job and talent suggestions and searchability that is smooth and intuitive.


Pre-Release Sign-Up

Be the first to know when we launch and get a year's free early-access.

Thanks & Welcome to the Creative Database


Do you find it hard to be seen or break into new areas of your practise?

Being a freelancer is not easy; it’s hard to reach through the noise, get seen and find jobs amidst the closed networks of established players. Sometimes you're needed and available but can't be found. Also it's hard to see who the competition is in your selected field of expertise. 

The Creative Database's aim is to solve these problems. We want to create a more open and levelled playing field and put everyone on the same page, literally. 

Project Manager

Do you think it's hard to find the right talent, at the right time & in the right place?

Managing your creative project-teams and cultivating your own freelancer database is hard and takes time. You need strong knowledge of the local market plus the right tools and support to reduce your workload. Companies today juggle between different solutions doing a lot of the manual work themselves.


The creative database is created with the vision of solving this very problem, and giving companies the power and ability to smoothly and accurately find new talent, the right talent and save lots of time in doing so.

Take the tour!

Don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself. Take the guided tour and then tell us what you think in our quick and easy questionnaire

During the tour of the Creative Database you will experience 2 x user journeys. One from a Freelancer perspective and one from a Project Manager perspective. 

NB: Ideally use a laptop or desktop for the tour - it will be a better experience. Also we've built it on Figma, which means it's a little slow. Pls be patient.

As a big thank you for completing the tour & questionnaire we will be offering 1 year of free access to the database upon the official launch. 

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